YOUR Donations at work


WEF’s System wide STEM Initiative - all ages from the MAC to the High School

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The Westport Education Foundation has provided more than $50,000 in programming to the Westport Community Schools this year.  Our newest program is a system wide STEM initiative featuring VEX Robotics, Maker Space programs (project based, heads-on, hands-on learning) and Sea Perch underwater robotics.  We also just provided Westport Junior/Senior High School with a $10,000 grant for Advanced Placement teacher training.  Additionally, we are funding a myriad of programs advancing literacy, art, music,and business (the DECA program) at all grade levels.
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We are working hard to ensure that Westport students will have the kind of education that enables them to be future leaders in our town and the world.  We are very grateful for your support.
Please consider donating – any amount helps!  Send in $10 – $5000 – every single penny is donated back to the students in programs!
Thank you!!
WEF Board