1000 Books Before 1st Grade


The Westport Education Foundation is pleased to tell you about our newest program: 1000 Books Before First Grade, a multi-year pre-literacy effort aimed at encouraging families to read at least 1000 books to their pre-school/kindergartner from birth to age 6. This program is a partnership between the Albert Lees Memorial Fund of the Westport Education Foundation and Partners Village Store. The program is offered at the Macomber Primary School.



To make it easy for families to achieve this goal, we have collected over 2000 books and have sorted them into 200+ bags of 10 books each. Children who participate in the program will be given a bag of 10 books to take home and share with their families. Once those books have been read, parents will return the bag to school and a volunteer will swap out the books for a new bag of 10 books. Each child will receive a game board to track his/her reading progress. Along the way, children can earn small rewards 1000THanksfor reading 100, 400, and 700 books. But, most importantly, any child who completes all 1000 books before entering first grade will receive the following: Medal of Achievement, Book Award provided by Partners Village Store, and a Certificate of Merit. All of this will be awarded at a ceremony and presented by school officials.

needvolunteersSpecial thanks to our friends at Partners Village Store for the fabuous kick-off party this summer during the Children’s Reading Circle with Miss Joan.

We are currently looking for volunteers to spend ½-1 hour at Macomber on designated days swapping book bags for children. Please reach out if you would like to help out with this exciting new program!

We also continue to welcome book donations. Please do not hesitate to contact us at1000booksWEF@gmail.com


Download and print our Sign up sheet & Invite Letter here:WEF-1000books-bag

1000 Books Sign Up Sheet

1000 Books Invitation Letter

1000 Books Incentives


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