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What We Fund:

  • Learning initiatives beyond the standard curriculum

  • Research-based education innovation & related professional development

  • Pilot projects that have a positive, transforming impact

  • Community/school collaboration projects

  • Engaging & challenging enrichment programs

  • Science, Teachnology, Engineering, Arts & Mathmatics interdisciplinary projects

  • New Approaches to citizenship/democracy education

What WEF does not Fund:

  • Event transportation

  • Classroom equipment, such as Chrome Books, etc. or Campus equipment, such as risers, sports equipment, etc.

  • Programs/projects/activities that are expected to impact less than 10 students

YOUR Donations at Work...

Boat Building Project

Hands-on Learning 

With the help  of many generous volunteers throughout the Westport Community, the Boat Building Project brings hands-on learning to the WCS.  Dharma Voyage, WEF and the Westport Community Schools partner together to fund this creative program. This full credit class is an excellent example of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) curriculum and hands-on learning. It pairs classroom curriculum at the high school with carpentry skills in the workshop. While learning about Westport whaling, maritime history, navigation, and river science, students also are building a traditional wooden rowing craft alongside master boat builders. An exciting learning adventure!

The SEA HARE  boat is a 25" rowing dory, built one plank at a time by Westport Students.

Grant Application Information & Deadlines:

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.  The Westport Education Foundation Board meets the first Monday of each month to conduct business and review applications.

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1. Discuss plans with a WCS faculty member, WCS Administrator and /or a WEF Board member.

2. Submit a letter of intent (outline attached) with the applicant’s electronic name signature and email/phone contact information.

3. First-time applicants, by submitter and/or funding category, will likely be asked to make a short presentation at a WEF Board of Directors Meeting.

4.You will receive a written notification about the Board’s decision and the level of any approved funding.

5. A written report must be submitted at the end of each year of the grant.  (outline will be provided) upon grant acceptance notice.

Grant Applications may be submitted by email to:

or by mail to:

            Westport Education Foundation

            P.O. Box 3213, Westport, MA  02790


Who can submit a grant?

Any combination of parents, students, faculty, administration, and community groups may collaborate on a proposal.  However, a faculty member and administrator must be involved in any proposal and his/her name listed as part of the application.

Who can I go to with questions?


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Info@WestportEducationFoundation. com

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