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Faculty Grants

For more than a decade, the Westport Education Foundation has awarded grants to faculty teaching at all grade levels of the Westport Community Schools to support learning initiatives beyond the standard curriculum.​


Specifically, these grants provide funding over and above school budgets for:

  • Research-based education.

  • Innovation and related professional development.

  • Pilot projects that promise positive, transformative impact. 

  • STEAM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).

  • Interdisciplinary projects.

Recent Awards

The past two years have been very difficult for everyone. Our teachers and administrators have been amazing in their efforts to keep the students engaged, active and learning in the middle of a pandemic with ever-changing rules and requirements. During this challenging time, WEF was pleased to work with Westport’s great teachers to help fund creative and transformative education experiences such as:

  • Robotics: Middle and High School

  • Math Manipulatives Program, Macomber School.

  • Integrative Arts Program, Macomber School.

  • Owl Pellet project (fall and spring), Westport Elementary School.

  • Boat Building Project, Westport High School. 

  • Production of "Matilda," Westport High School.

  • Production of "Pippin," Westport High School.

  • Reading Literacy Geods, Macomber and Westport Elementary

  • Solar System Magic School Bus, Macomber and Elementary 

  • Lion Head Multi-Cultural Project, Macomber and Elementary

  • Math Mysteries, Macomber and Elementary

  • Gardening Club, Middle and High School

  • Mystery Science Program, Middle and High School

  • SAT Prep-Course, High School

  • Moon Phases Project, Middle and High School

  • Production of "Once Upon This Island", Middle and High School

  • Production Of "Little Shop of Horrors", Middle and High School


Grants are made throughout the academic year. Simply complete an application form (pdf) describing the proposal, obtain approval signatures and submit to the Westport Education Foundation. The foundation reviews each proposal and responds quickly. To expedite your proposals, please review the latest grant guidelines.

Learn More

Each school has a WEF board member who can be contacted with questions:



Once application is complete and ALL signatures have been obtained. Please scan and email to us at


If you have any questions, please call us at 508-493-7671.


Lydia Poole Barker

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