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About Us

Why an Education Foundation for Westport Community Schools?


Foundations typically do not fund “curriculum basics.” Instead, they fund academic enrichment programs to give teachers the resources necessary to expose students to important concepts and experiences beyond the standard curriculum.


Our world is changing at breakneck speed. Education must not only keep up, but think ahead to the skills and competencies our children will need to not only function, but to thrive in their world. 


Westport’s children will someday compete with other children for recognition, acceptance to higher education, job and career choices and even economic well-being for themselves and their own families. We want Westport Community School students to feel proud and confident that they were offered the same or better opportunities for success as students from other towns and cities in Massachusetts, New England and elsewhere.


Expanding students’ educational opportunities will increase student success and contribute to our community.

Board of Directors



  • Carol Bonnar, Chair

  • Tanya Quinlan, Treasurer

  • Cheryl Carvalho, Secretary


School Liaisons

  • Cheryl Carvalho, Alice A. Macomber School

  • Kathy Gillet, Westport Elementary School

  • Marilyn Packard Luther, Westport Middle School and Westport High School



  • Gina Palmer

  • Tracy Priestner

  • Nancy Tavares


President Emeritae

  • Dianne Baron

  • Ann Marie Forbes

  • Sarah Gifford

  • Karen Powell

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“You’ve got to find a way to find governmental and nongovernmental monies that are out there.” 

Tom Aubin

Superintendent, Westport Community Schools

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