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Destination Imagination – Congrats Teams on Year 4!

041The WEF is proud to announce our 4th year of success in the Destination Imagination Program! Thanks to our program leaders, Deb Thatcher & Marybeth Carney along with many amazing volunteer team parents – we are monitoring our children teams to compete soon!

The Westport Education Foundation is proud to announce that this program has 11 teams this year with 61 students competing.  Our 8 parent volunteer coaches host team meetings to get ready for the Regional Tournament at Dennis-Yarmouth High School on March 21st – stay tuned for announcements & updates!


The Mission - To develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st century skills and creativity.Destination Imagination

The Destination Imagination program is a fun, hands-on system of learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage and curiosity through open-ended academic Challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts and service learning. Our participants learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving process. Teams may showcase their solutions at a tournament.


A Night at the Races – Get Your Tickets Now! Friday Eve May 6th, 2016


Own a Horse for the night & Sponsor here:



Buy your tickets here:

Night At Races Event Tickets:



The Kentucky Derby is coming to Westport!  Join us on Friday, May 6th, 2016 at Whites of Westport  for the forth annual fun evening of simulated horse racing, a hat contest, mint juleps, 50-50 raffle, live & silent auctions!  Gates open at 6:30 pm, first race is at 7:00 pm.

A fun night out for a great cause!

All proceeds from the event will fund the WEF’s programs for academic enrichment at all Westport Community Schools.

A Night at the Races includes ten simulated horse races, shown on DVD. You can choose to have your own horse in a race, bet on other horses or even sponsor an entire race. Chip in for a horse with friends, or specify whose horses you would like to race against for more friendly and fun competition. Tickets are $25 per person and include hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar and a fun evening. Buy tickets in advance via mail or link to save, $30 per person on the night of the event.

How can I support this event? (download an order form to get started – see link below. All donations of $250 and more will receive a letter for tax purposes.  Mail your order form asap as Horses and Races sell out!)



  • Sponsor a race: Race sponsorships are $250.  Your business name will be announced during the race, featured on a display poster & in the event program. You may provide business cards and/or marketing materials to be displayed by your race poster. Hurry only a limited number of Races are available!

  • Sponsor the 50-50 Raffle and/or our Silent Auction: Sponsorships are $250 each.  Your business name will be announced during the race, featured on a display poster & in the event program. You may provide business cards and/or marketing materials to be displayed by your Sponsor poster.

  • Sponsor a horse: For $55 ( or 2 for $100), you can have a horse in a race! Chip in with co-workers, fellow coaches, friends, or race solo. You do not need to attend the event to buy a horse. Name your horse and be clever about its description! Limited horses are available, so buy yours before they are gone.  If you sponsor a horse, you can also name the jockey for an additional $20.  Your horse name & jockey will be announced during the race, featured on a display poster & in the event program.

  • Advertise in the race program: For $75 you can advertise in the race program for the event.

Sponsor the hat contest: $250:  Ladies – the hats at the Kentucky Derby are nearly as important as the horse racing itself. Get your hats ready for our Hat Contest.  Judges will vote on the best, most elaborate hat of the evening, so start shopping or design and craft a hat yourself!       Thank you to the GOLDBERG family for sponsoring our Hat Contest :)


Thank you to our 2016 RACE and EVENT sponsors:

Kozy Nook Restaurant, Jack’s Landscape’n, Westport Business to Business, Akerson & Kelly, Slade & Cole, Morgan Stanley, The Bayside Restaurant, Viti Automotive Group, Portas Da Cidad, Aedalus


We are very thankful for our COMMUNITY PARTNER SPONSOR: BayCoast Bank, our neighborhood bank!  They are not only sponsoring our event but are volunteering to work for the evening!


Thank you to LaFrance Hospitality and Steve Medeiros, Auctioneer for their continued support!

 We are humbled by the gift of another gorgeous Horse Sculpture from local Tiverton Artist – Heather Frymark, we cannot wait to see it! 









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1000 Books Before 1st Grade


The Westport Education Foundation is pleased to tell you about our newest program: 1000 Books Before First Grade, a multi-year pre-literacy effort aimed at encouraging families to read at least 1000 books to their pre-school/kindergartner from birth to age 6. This program is a partnership between the Albert Lees Memorial Fund of the Westport Education Foundation and Partners Village Store. The program will be offered at the Macomber Primary School, beginning September, 2015.


To make it easy for families to achieve this goal, we have collected over 2000 books and have sorted them into 200+ bags of 10 books each. Children who participate in the program will be given a bag of 10 books to take home and share with their families. Once those books have been read, parents will return the bag to school and a volunteer will swap out the books for a new bag of 10 books. Each child will receive a game board to track his/her reading progress. Along the way, children can earn small rewards 1000THanksfor reading 100, 400, and 700 books. But, most importantly, any child who completes all 1000 books before entering first grade will receive the following: Medal of Achievement, Book Award provided by Partners Village Store, and a Certificate of Merit. All of this will be awarded at a ceremony and presented by school officials.

needvolunteersSpecial thanks to our friends at Partners Village Store for the fabuous kick-off party this summer during the Children’s Reading Circle with Miss Joan.

We are currently looking for volunteers to spend ½-1 hour at Macomber on designated days swapping book bags for children. Please reach out if you would like to help out with this exciting new program!

We also continue to welcome book donations. Please do not hesitate to contact us at1000booksWEF@gmail.com


Download and print our Sign up sheet & Invite Letter here:WEF-1000books-bag

1000 Books Sign Up Sheet

1000 Books Invitation Letter

1000 Books Incentives


Two new studies examine the unexpectedly complex interactions that

happen when you put a small child on your lap and open a picture book.learykendall


AJ-Pickering-Andrew-Mrs Salva-1st 




Westport Summer Passport – Local Geocache Family Fun

The Westport Summer Passport is an adventure that will take you to six of the most beautiful and interesting natural and historical spots in our town. You will visit:unnamed

• Headwaters Conservation Area, 187 Blossom Rd. (north Westport)
• Handy House 202 Hix Bridge Rd. (central Westport)
• Dunham’s Brook Conservation Area, 1520 Main Rd. (south Westport)
• Bell School House, 25 Drift Rd. (central Westport)
• Town Farm, 830 Drift Rd. (central Westport)
• Herb Hadfield Conservation Area, 255 Cornell Rd. (south Westport)

Download YOUR Summer Passport HERE

Using the passport, you must follow the clues to find hidden boxes at each site, collect the stamps, and claim your prize! (Prizes are intended for children only.) Also called Geocaching – a fun time for families!

Prizes are available at:

  • The Westport Land Conservation office at the Town Farm, 830 Drift Rd., Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00. (On Saturdays you might find us at the Farmers Market from 8:30-1:00.)
  • The Westport Historical Society office at the Bell School House, 25 Drift Rd., Wednesday-Friday, 10:00-2:00.
  • The Handy House, 202 Hix Bridge Rd., second and fourth Saturday of the month, 10:00-4:00.

summerpbellhouseIt’s a PDF file that consists of two letter-sized sheets. You can:

  • Print it double-sided (if your printer supports this), and fold it in half vertically.
  • Print it on two sheets. Then put the blank sides of the sheets together and fold the two sheets in half vertically.

Whether you print it double-sided or on two sheets, you should position the sheet(s) so the welcome message is on the front of the passport.

  • This is a free self-guided family-friendly activity that runs from June 20-September 7. All walks are less than 1.5 miles and cover flat ground or moderate inclines.
  • You may visit locations in any order, seven days a week and you do not need to complete all six in one day.
  • Each passport box contains a stamp, an inkpad, a small notebook, and a pencil. We invite you to write thoughts, impressions, questions, and ideas in the notebooks. We will post selected comments on our Facebook pages.
  • Please be considerate and replace the passport boxes in their hiding places. Call 508 636-6011 or 508 636-9228 for assistance or to report a missing stamp.


 We would love to see your pictures of the passport places you visit. Send images to

  • info@westportlandtrust.org
  • westporthistory@westporthistory.net
  • info@westporteducationfoundation.com

Or post your pictures to our Facebook pages.

Westport Summer Passport is a partnership of the Westport Historical Society, The Westport Land Conservation Trust, and the Westport Education Foundation. The activity was designed by Terry Somerson in collaboration with WHS, WLCT, and Westport Education Foundation. Graphic design by Geraldine Millham Design.

For more information about any of the featured locations, visit www.westportlandtrust.org or www.wpthistory.org.

This project is supported by the Westport Cultural Council through a grant from the Helen E. Ellis Charitable Trust administered by Bank of America.

Have fun, enjoy yourselves, and have a wonderful Westport summer!

The Acting Challenge for WEF


1. Accept the challenge.

2. Choose 3 people to nominate for this challenge

3. Record a video of you acting while saying the following:

  • Say something close to “I accept the Acting Challenge for WEF and will donate $10 to the Westport Education Foundation in Massachusetts.  I am challenging ___, ____, _____ (name 3 people here) to this challenge – you have 24 hours to respond!”
  • Act out the line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet : “To be or not to be: that is the question”  (have fun, be creative or serious!!)

4. Include our link to challenge & donate in your message on Facebook or your choice of social media:


5. Donating is easy – Acting is fun, spread the word & Act for Education!

Thank you!!hamlet_wf

Donate now, click here!  $10 min please:


William Shakespeare - To be, or not to be: that is the question (3.1) from Hamlet’s Fourth Soliloquy – Original Text & Summary:

To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,shakespeare_book_fb

And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;

No more; and by a sleep to say we end

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to, ’tis a consummation

Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep;

To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub;

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause: there’s the respect

That makes calamity of so long life;

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,

The oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely,

The pangs of despised love, the law’s delay,

The insolence of office and the spurns

That patient merit of the unworthy takes,

When he himself might his quietus make

With a bare bodkin? who would fardels bear,

To grunt and sweat under a weary life,

But that the dread of something after death,

The undiscover’d country from whose bourn

No traveller returns, puzzles the willactingChallenge_fb_2

And makes us rather bear those ills we have

Than fly to others that we know not of?

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;

And thus the native hue of resolution

Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,

And enterprises of great pith and moment

With this regard their currents turn awry,

And lose the name of action. – Soft you now!

The fair Ophelia! Nymph, in thy orisons

Be all my sins remember’d.

Stitches in Time – WEF partners with Westport Historical Society, Volunteers and students!


Online Auction supports Erika Hall Memorial Fund

Hall Memorial fund photoIn addition to WEF’s Erika Hall World Language Program, her family created the Erika Hall Memorial Fund to provide scholarships and grants to high school seniors taking the next step, be that college, cross-cultural travel, experimentation with the arts, etc. For the latest auction items and information, check the Facebook page here at Erika Hall Memorial Fund


Erika Hall World Language Program

Erika Hall World Language Program

The WEF is pairing up with Alliance Francaise of Providence, a language and

Erika Hall (here with Japanese exchange student Momoko) was a vivacious and dynamic Westport student who dreamed of spending her junior year of high school as an exchange student in Italy.  The Erika Hall World Language Program was established to keep her spirit alive through promoting the value of foreign language instruction.

Erika Hall (here with Japanese exchange student Momoko) was a vivacious and dynamic Westport student who dreamed of spending her junior year of high school as an exchange student in Italy. The Erika Hall World Language Program was established to keep her spirit alive through promoting the value of foreign language instruction.

cultural group, to bring an exciting new World Language Program into the Westport Elementary School. The Alliance Française de Providence is part of the largest network of French language and cultural centers in the world. We are thrilled to be able to offer the benefit of this wonderful group to the Westport Elementary students!

This is the beginning of our new Erika Hall Program for World Languages. Our goal is to offer 10 week sessions in French, Spanish, and Chinese at the elementary school and move with the students as they progress through the Westport Community Schools. We can only reach these goals with the help and support of the community.

Working with Superintendent Ann Dargon, the WEF and the new extended day program are offering classes two afternoons per week.  The children are  instructed in vocabulary, songs, and also use computers to access information about French monuments, artists, and French speaking countries. The program will span the school year with four 10 week sessions.




Donate Now!

make_a_donation03Click here to donate via Paypal:


Questions? Comments? Interested in becoming a Community Partner Donor?  

Email us:   info@westporteducationfoundation.com

Download WEF Tax Exempt Form here for your tax preparer



DownloadWEF donation form here











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