Why Donate to WEF? A letter from the WEF Board

Dear WEF Supporter,deca

 Your annual contributions to the Westport Education Foundation continue to serve as an extremely effective way to “think globally and act locally.”  Because of you we have been able to provide Westport students with transformative and innovative programs that encourage them to become life-long learners with a capacity for constant personal and vocational growth and a commitment to active and informed participation as citizens.  When you donate to the WEF you are making an investment with potential to improve not only the lives our community’s children but also those of everyone affected by their activities in the future.

                  Your past support has enabled us to fund extraordinarily successful and creative programs at every level of the Westport Community School System.  Prominent among them are:

                           1000 Books Before First Grade Program:  Now extended to first and second grades, it reached a goal of 60,000 books last year and is aiming for 75,000 books this year.  (Macomber School.)

World Languages and Culture Classes: Mandarin Chinese, French, and Spanish instruction.  (Westport Elementary School.)

By Land and By Sea:  One of a number of “hands-on, heads-on projects,” this one involved construction of a 32 foot competitive rowboat under the supervision of a master boat builder and with accompanying classroom components that tied the project into relevant mathematical and geometric concepts, and into the maritime and boat building history of Westport.  (Westport Middle School.)

1622606_1031257766932844_8853359864886653124_nThe Art of Construction:  One of a number of STEAM (Science, Technology , Engineering, Art, and Math) programs conducted with the Westport Historical Society, this one involved students in learning and applying math concepts to the architectural history of the Cadman-White-Handy House.  (Westport Middle School.)

Field Study of the East Branch of the Westport River

In addition to visually surveying the river and its wildlife, students took water samples at two designated points in progression down the river.  Tests were conducted to determine the presence of dissolved oxygen, nitrates, phosphates, pH, temperature, turbidity and fecal coliform levels.  Students used data gained on this field study to determine the ecological condition of the East Branch of the Westport River and to gain insight into the local watershed’s health.  Furthermore, students analyzed our data to see if correlations can be made with respect to location of sampling.

College Advanced Placement Classes:  WEF has been instrumental in providing funds for teacher training, increasing the number of AP courses offered at Westport High School from three to nine, and for funding Saturday study sessions for students taking AP courses.  These sessions, at a cost of $10,000/year, provide both students and Westport high school teachers with extra instruction in AP science, math, English and history classes from master teachers from all around Massachusetts on various Saturdays throughout the school year.

At every level, WEF has provided students the opportunity to participate in Destination Imagination (a STEAM based learning competition.)  At every level, WEF has supported music and art programs, e.g., The Macomber “No Strings” Puppeteers, the Macomber Singers, The Macomber quilt-making project, and Elementary School, Middle School and High School drama and musical productions.  At every level, WEF has provided support to Westport students involved in national scholastic competitions, such as the South Coast Corsairs Robotics Team (students from Westport, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Tiverton and Taunton competing in local, state, national, and world robotics competitions).DSC_0325

For 2016-2017, in addition to our commitment to fund art, music and literacy programs at the Macomber School, SAT preparation and AP History Boot Camp at the High School, Destination Imagination, drama and musical productions at the Westport Elementary School and the Jr/Sr High School, we are embarking upon funding a system-wide STEM Initiative with the following goals in mind:

  • Establish new STEM programs and opportunities throughout Westport Community Schools (K-12).
  • Provide more project based learning opportunities
  • Focus on Hands-on, Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science
  • Establish recurring offerings
  • Vertically align recurring programs through out schools
  • Encourage diversity
  • Provide new opportunities at limited or no cost to the students

File Dec 15, 9 41 52 PMOur 2016-2017 plan is to fund the following STEM programs:

  • Macomber (K-2):
  1. After school Teacher/Student Maker Clubs – Grades K-2
  • Elementary School (3-6):
  1. After school Teacher/Student Maker Clubs – Grouped grades 3&4 and 5&6
  2. After school SeaPerch underwater robotics program – Grades 5&6, fall semester
  • Middle School (7-8):
  1. Master Class Robotics course offering – VEX EDR
  2. After school Robotics Club (continued) – VEX EDR
  • High School (9-12):
  1. After school SeaPerch robotics program – Grades 9-12
  2. Encourage participation in NUWC/UMassD First Robotics Competition team

Please help us again this year as generously as you can.  We hope the work we have done has earned your confidence that your donations are used wisely and effectively toward the goal of empowering future generations to make successful lives for themselves and a better society for us all.  We depend upon you, our supporters, to continue to make that happen.

Your Donation means so much!  Please consider sending a donation in any amount. Each dollar helps fund programs for the entire Westport Community Schools.  Checks should be made payable to Westport Education Foundation and mailed to:

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